Susan is thrilled to direct her 7th show at Antrim. The others include Rumors, Inherit the Wind, Biloxi Blues, Twelve Angry Jurors, Margret’s Wedding and Moon Over Buffalo. She has appeared on the Antrim stage as Mrs. Van Daan in Diary of Anne Frank, Bubble in Crossing Delancey and various characters in the radio show It’s A Wonderful Life. At other theaters she has directed Play On, Steel Magnolias, Crossing Delancey, Later Life, and Flow Follies productions. Acting roles include: The Investigation (survivor), Marvin’s Room (Aunt Ruth), Curious Savage (Mrs. Savage), Don’t Drink the Water (Marion), Steel Magnolias (Clairee, for which she won a Perry award for best supporting actress) and Daughters of the Lone Star State (Lola Faye). DDTW’S stellar cast and crew have made directing this production a lot of fun. (Dare I say it may NOT be my last? OY!) Mary, you are the best sounding board! Bert, thanks for coming to the rescue, yet again! Cast and crew…Break a leg! Dodge a bullet!