Tom France

More than anyone before him of after him, this was the man who did it all, and was so loved and admired by all who met him. He was our very own “Mr. Antrim”. His contribution to Antrim goes beyond all of the positions he held here… President, Board Member, Actor, Director, House Manager… and on and on. Every aspect of this playhouse’s activities and physical upkeep received Tom’s passion, devotion and tireless energy. He was the conscience of Antrim and truly loved all it’s members…and we truly loved him in return.

Bill Zachar

Another of our long-time family members, Bill also served our theater in many capacities, including acting. However, he will be best remembered for his outstanding directing of some of our finest productions. His last few being Born Yesterday, Ten Little Indians, Bus Stop and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Through the years this soft spoken, always interesting man, contributed much to Antrim’s history and success.

Don Molnar

Stu served as stage manager, producer, technical coordinator, former board of director’s member, husband, father and grandfather. He was a member of Antrim for many years and was always there when you needed him. His contributions to this theater can be seen whenever we turn on a stage light or heard when we hear a sound effect. He will never be forgotten. We will miss not only for what he did for us but, more importantly, for what he meant to us.

Dorothy “Lu” France

When Dorothy “Lu” Southern met G-I-bill Denver University engineering student, New Yorker Tom France on a blind date in the winter of ’51, little did they realize that true love had been found! Thus began a lifetime journey of fun and adventure leading Lu 2,000 miles from home. Born in Denver, Colorado, Dorothy Lu inherited her homesteading grandfather’s independence and pioneering spirit. The same would serve her well as she left her mother Lillian and siblings Richard, Ruth and Leslie, and followed Tom to Suffern, NY.

Fifty-five years of marriage gave Tom and Lu a warm and wonderful family of sons (Thomas, Stephen and Jonathan France), daughter (Linda France), daughters-in-law (Debbie and Kim France) and grandson (Armand Brunelle) until Tom headed to heaven First in 2007 to await his “Denver Dolly.” Their lives together were devoted to serving community. Each of their many endeavors developed into extended families: Rotary International, Viola Methodist Church, Ramapo Republicans, and music and theater, particularly Antrim Playhouse.

Tom and Lu spearheaded the formation of the Spook Rock Civic Association in the early 1970’s which ultimately translated into the incorporation of The Village of Wesley Hills. Lu was appointed Village Clerk of the newly formed Village where she served 15 years until “retirement.” Busier than ever in retirement, Lu continued all involvements, as well as assisting sons Stephen and Jonathan in their various business interests. With the opening of their most recent venue, Torne Valley Vineyards, Lu not only helped out administratively but became their most enthusiastic guest! She enjoyed food, laughter, wine and music with friends just as she and Tom had done together for so many years.

Lu carried on Tom’s shining example of commitment and service to community. She leaves behind a legacy of love to enrich the lives of all who were privileged to know her. Miss you Mom!

Bob Slone

Bob was a member of our board of directors, an actor, director, producer, committee chairperson, lighting/sound engineer and operator… and a quiet, generous and wonderful human being.

Blanche Rothstein

Blanche was an active member of Antrim for more years than any of us can remember. She served as a Board Of Directors member, Assistant To The President, Director, Actor and many other roles too numerous to mention. Although the support she gave to Antrim was an important part of her life it pales in comparison to the support she gave to everyone she came in contact with. Her skill as an actor and director, along with her willingness to share that skill, benefited myself and many other actors whom she mentored. Her wisdom in assisting the Presidents of Antrim is one of the reasons the theater is still flourishing after 75 years. Blanche will never be forgotten and it is doubtful that we will see her equal at Antrim.

Although this is a sad occasion I am happy to say that Blanche handled her passing the same way she handled her life, on her own terms. She decided when and how her end would come and how those who love her will remember her. She did not want a funeral or service of any type and her family is honoring those wishes. However, there will be a memorial celebration of Blanche’s life at the Antrim Playhouse where we will rename our downstairs lounge in her honor. Details on the date will be coming out shortly.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gordon and the family in this sad time. Blanche, give ’em hell up there.