James is pleased to be appearing as Eddie in this Neil Simon gem and has, in some ways, been training for it all his life, seeing as how he was born into a family of Jewish mothers and grandmothers. Thankfully, none of them as bitter as Grandma is in this production, so his “tsuris” quotient is fairly low, at least as far as Jewish grandmothers are concerned.  Jewish aunts?  Yeah, James has a couple of them who can be even more challenging than Bella has ever been, but just as loving in their own ways.  When he was not practicing law, teaching college students about how our government works, or volunteering as a first responder with the Nyack Ambulance Corps., James has appeared in other WAY Off Broadway (that is, Rockland County) productions including The Man Who Came to Dinner (Banjo) here at Antrim, The Velveteen Rabbit (Train) at Elmwood Playhouse, and in a number of productions with the Strange Bedfellows at various venues. It has been a pleasure working again with Derek and the folks in this production and James hopes that the love we personally, and our characters, share for one another is as warm and delicious as his grandmothers’ chicken soup and noodle kugel were to him when he was a boy.